Saturday, July 24, 2010

Natural "organic" Food

Yes, this is blog is primarily about natural hair, however the main point is "natural" living. Or should I say, "living" naturally. It's 11:00 pm and I decided to have a snack. Wanted it to be healthy, so I opted for grapes. Non-organic grapes. Which led to googling, cleaning non-organic fruit. I was furious after reading the amount of pesticides we put into our bodies, under the guise of "healthy" food choices. Why care about pesticides? I'm glad you asked. Well, pesticides effect the liver negatively. The way in which the liver processes other toxins, the cells's power to produce energy and the nerves job to send messages can be thwarted by pesticide exposure. Not to mention the link of pesticides to cancer, infertility, hormonal disruption, nerve damage and DNa mutations. So, my grapes are soaking in 3 part water to 1 part distilled vinegar for 20 minutes. Let's learn together. I'm just saying...

Going Natural. Staying Natural. Loving Your Natural Hair.

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