Monday, August 23, 2010

My story-why I went natural

I have had a relaxer since the age of 10. So well over 20 years, my hair had chemicals in it. Over this time my hair gradually became thinner and had no “life” to it. My natural journey began in March 2008, at which time I cut off the remaining relaxed ends. This left my hair 2 inches in length. I am a licensed cosmetologist; however my education did not equip me with the skills to deal with natural hair. This I learned from "youtube" and trial and error. At first, it was different seeing my face with textured hair. I was one of those who relaxed religiously, every 8 weeks. I did not want to see any new growth. So to go from that to “afro textured” hair was a leap of faith. It was hard because I was also pregnant, and being natural with 2 inches of hair on your head and 70 pounds heavier (yes I put on that much weight) was not easy. Thank God, I did get the weight off, will talk more about that… Plus, I really did not know how to style my hair. So, I learned from “youtube” and hair books how to manage and grow my natural hair. It by far is one of the best decisions I have made. I love my hair texture and look of my natural hair. It truly is a gift from God.

Going Natural. Staying Natural. Loving Your Natural Hair.

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