Sunday, August 22, 2010

Transitioning tips...

Initial steps, would be to set a goal of how long you want your hair to be before you do the "big chop." For me 2 inches was comfortable, since hair typically grows 1/2 inch a month it took 4-6 months( or longer for some it depends on individual hair growth) to get it that long. So in those 6months you are concentrating on looking halfway decent while battling two textures on one head. This is where the, half wigs, braid-in, sew-ins, kinky twist, corn rolls, micros, roller sets... come into play. I used to tell people to do "press n curl" but now I don't recommend it because your natural hair can get heat damage from straightening to much and will lose it's curl pattern. Now once you are fully natural and you want to wear you hair straight occasionally is fine but the less heat the better. De-tangling your hair will get harder as your natural hair grows so get a good "leave-in" and make sure your hair is loaded with it when your are de-tangling after you cleanse/wash your hair. The main thing to remember is this is a journey there are no short cuts. So if you have patience with your hair and the process, you will reap the benefits.

Going Natural. Staying Natural. Loving Your Natural Hair.

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