Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting used to the “not so” tame hair.

Looking at my 2 week old twists, which are long enough to pull in a ponytail(Thank God) I see hair that has texture, not the smooth ponytail where the hair lays flat.  Getting used to this look is easier some days than others.  I am used to my twist out, my wash n go, my other “defined” curly styles.  However,  now that my twist are longer, sometimes it is nice to pull them back in a style.  This works great when the twist are fresh, moisturized and shiny.  But on those days when the twist are old, dry and in need of attention to pull them back in any style and leave the house is sometime uncomfortable.  Solution: DO YO HAIR, I know but I just need a couple of more days due to a full schedule.  So on those days I have to say, “embrace your hair as is.”  Love the hair God gave you!!!

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